4 reasons to use an FAA sUAS certified DRONE OPERATOR for aerial real estate photography and video

1. They're trained

Drone operation may seem like a fun hobby but there is much more than meets the eye as far as air safety and compliance. A drone operator whose received FAA certification has demonstrated an understanding of flight safety and pre-flight checklists, FAA compliance, hazards and weather, airfield traffic patterns, and communications.

A trained operator will obtain FAA/ATC (Air traffic control) clearances and file any other necessary waivers ahead of their flight.

2. They're insured

We carry liability insurance covering all sUAS operations; it's important to have this in place in case an accident happens involving people or property. 107-certified drone operators, including Realtors and real estate photographers, should have insurance information available for the customer to review prior to taking flight.

3. They're well-equipped

As of writing this (09/2020) our current sUAS is equipped with autonomous flight modes, object tracking, 4k HD video and 360 degree (virtual reality compatible) for top-quality shots with some of the best post-production available from professional video editors.

4. They're experienced

While recreational/consumer drones have made advancements in terms of accessibility and ease of use, they have yet to create any real substitution for hundreds of operation flight hours and years of experience. Even with some of the best real estate to capture with high quality drones, an inexperienced operator will not be able to produce the same quality of footage as an experienced operator. We have been flying since 2014.

Certified aerial photography & video packages are included in all of our standard listing agreements.
Some restrictions may apply.