Ypsilanti Realtor Reviews Amazon's Cheapest Desk

the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk: 24" x 48"

Standing desks have been common and around now for about a decade in workplaces and studios. As an Ypsi Realtor I'm acutely aware from my own experience that sitting for extended periods, especially with poor ergonomics, is a recipe for future health problems. I had always wondered about standing desks and whether or not they were worth the hype.

Enter the SHW Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, shipped via Amazon Prime for $258.00 -- making this the rock-bottom dollar standing desk option I could find, shipped, coming in about $50 cheaper than Autonomous' models.

6 months of usage in an Ypsi real estate office later...

The desk has held up well over our first 6mo of use. No problems with stability or the electric motorization components to the desk. Raising and lowering the desk is easy and it has a few heights defaults you can set, eg, if 1 or 2 people work at the desk at different heights. Surface finishing appears to be a clean man-made laminate in light cherry for a wood grain look.

But a concern was noted!

Biggest drawback with the desk, compared to many of its competitors, is that the desk's surface is actually 2 pieces which are connected in parallel (long-ways) via dowels. Assembling the desk was easy but upon finding this I was a little disappointed-- would it really be much of a cost difference to use 1 solid top piece rather than binding two together? Perhaps it was a shipping consideration since most of these products are made in PRC (which was why I figured I'd try the low-end first).

In conclusion...

We'd give it a 4/5 rating for this desk-- happy with the purchase but not quite a 5/5.

Next time we'll have to try the Autonomous and let you know!