Boston Edison, Detroit

Boston Edison is a historic neighborhood that is located in the center of Detroit. This beautiful neighborhood is made up of over 900 historic homes that have been kept up.Boston Edison is one of the largest residential historic district in the nation. Most homes were constructed between 1905 and 1925 and range in size from modest two- story vernaculars to impressive mansions. The District boasts the oldest continuous neighborhood association in the City, the Historic Boston–Edison Association, which was founded in 1921. One of the earliest residents of the Boston–Edison neighborhood, Henry Ford,was also one of the most well-known. In 1907, Ford had a brick and limestone Italian Renaissance Revival residence built at the corner of Edison and Second at a cost of $483,253. Ford and his wife, Clara, moved in the next year, living in the neighborhood until 1915, when they relocated to Fair Lane, their estate in Dearborn.During the time that Ford lived in Boston–Edison, his introduction of the Model T, mass production methods, and wage-price theories revolutionized American industry. Above the garage (behind the house), Henry Ford built a machine shop for his son Edsel to support and encourage Edsel's interest in automobile design.A State of Michigan Historical Marker, describing the history and significance of the home, is located on the front lawn.Henry Ford was only the first of many automotive pioneers to live in the Boston–Edison community. Henry Ford wasn't the well known person who have called this place home. Notable residents have included labor leader Walter P. Reuther, Rabbi Morris Adler, Detroit Tigers Harry Heilmann and Dizzy Trout, Michigan Supreme Court justices Franz C. Kuhn and Henry Butzel, U.S. Representative Vincent M. Brennan, Michigan governor Harry Kelly, boxer Joe Louis, druggist Sidney Barthwell, Congressman Charles C. Diggs, Jr., Motown record label founder Berry Gordy and Detroit Tiger Willie Horton. Not only is this a neighborhood filled with beautiful houses but it's a wonderful, peaceful place to call home.