As you put in your time shopping for Ypsilanti real estate something that you’re going to find out quickly is that a house is more than just a house. Houses have many different shapes and styles ranging from those invented in the modern day to those that date back hundreds of years. Ypsilanti is a cultural melting pot so it shouldn’t surprise you to see a mix of styles including the famous Dutch Colonial Revival. In today’s post we’re going to take a quick look at a few of the most common houses you’ll find in Ypsi and give you some of the details. Your dream home might be here, somewhere in downtown Ypsi just waiting for you to claim it.

Dutch Colonial Revival – A Staple of Ypsilanti Real Estate

America, like Ypsilanti has always been a melting pot and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the early settlers brought their own home designs to the region. Dutch colonies were established in New York, New Jersey, Western Connecticut, and Delaware, all featuring housing styles familiar to the regions from which their settlers came. The Dutch style house featured the typical V shaped roof with curved eaves that ran along the length of the structure. Prior to 1776 the majority of these houses were only one and a half stories tall, but in Albany you could see plenty of two-story houses that still perfectly embraced the Dutch Colonial style.

While the Dutch Colonial building method faded away for a time, we started to see it make a comeback in the late 19th century. Sometimes looking at the past through rose colored lenses is a bad thing but in the case of this housing style, it wasn’t a terrible idea at all. ‘Dutch Colonial Revival’ houses began to appear in the 1920’s and as expected, they quickly made their way to Ypsilanti. While they're more uncommon in Ann Arbor, you can find plenty in Ypsilanti proper, making it a perfect location for those who want to add a bit of culture and variety into their lives.

The Bungalow – Common in the Ypsilanti Real Estate Market

Efficiency is the name of the game with the bungalow and while we often think of 20th century homes when the word ‘bungalow’ is uttered, it is in fact something that dates back to the mid-17th century; India to be precise. Originally, these were referred as the Bengali style home and they were the sole domain of the British ruling class. Their popularity however outshone their original intent and we started to see them built in suburbs. Bungalow tends to be an umbrella term for real estate in Ypsilanti Michigan as it encompasses several different styles including California style, Chicago Style and yes, even Michigan Style. No matter which style you subscribe to for your personal preference however you can recognize the bungalow by low eaves, exposed rafters, covered front porches, tapered columns, and tons of living space on the main floor. The Bungalow style home will always have a place in our hearts and on the streets of American neighborhoods.

The Mid-Century "New Deal-Era" Style – Understated and Affordable

If you’re looking for something modern and easy to maintain, then the mid-century style is always available. You can recognize it by the straight lines in its construction, hardwood floors, with large windows that let in plenty of natural light. We started to see this one rise to popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, with some of the pioneers of the style being Ludwig Miles van der Rohe and Rudolph Schindler. Along with their more modest, traditional floor plans, these houses are typically made from modern materials including steel structural I-beams, concrete block foundation walls, aluminum siding exteriors, gypsum drywall, and plywood sheathing. You'll often find characteristics from their vintage such as laundry chutes or milk doors in the kitchen. The Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor real estate market has an abundance of these since the post-war period in America brought about a mortgage and construction boom. 50's and 60's built homes are some of our favorite construction not only for its simplicity but for its durability and soundness; many of these homes with basements never had sump pumps because the builders from this era were more selective as far as elevation and engineering for water mitigation. This vintage typically offers a product which is structurally superior to modern-day construction & code standards.

The Victorian Style – Another Umbrella Term

When you use terms like ‘Victorian style home’ you’re actually opening up a can of worms because there are so many different styles out there. To start we’ll say that the name ‘Victorian’ is a reference to the period in history in which the homes were at the height of their popularity. Sprawling homes with wrap-around porches complete with vibrant colors and elaborate woodwork, balusters and skirting, you may find these being painstakingly restored in neighborhoods with skyrocketing home values. Well-known examples of the Victorian style home would be the Addams Family house or the home featured in the movie ‘Clue!’, although if you want something a little less creepy it can be arranged. The inside of these homes often features huge archways, formal living rooms, formal dining rooms, parlors, libraries, and much more. They’re a testament to their time period and still very much a treasured part of American culture.

These are just a few of the home types that you’re going to find in Ypsilanti – a city bursting at the seams with a culture that matches the character of the home you choose to buy. It’s a great place to call home and almost always an opportunity for you to own a great piece of history.