Tips for Increasing Efficiency and Saving Energy At Home


Energy savings is a big deal for your new home; you need to make sure you’re not spending more money than you have to, and you want to help the environment. Today we have a few tips that you can use to make your home more energy efficient, from lighting, to air flow management, all of which will get you closer to a more manageable energy bill as you live in your Ypsilanti MI home.

Check your Windows – Ypsilanti MI Homes can Get Cold

As a northern state, Michigan sees its share of cold fronts and you need to make sure that your home is prepared. Not only will preparation make you more comfortable, It will prevent a massive energy bill. In the past, household windows were made with metal frames and as we know, metal conducts energy quite well. Wood frames were a better choice but today the most energy efficient option you can go with is nylon. These window frames conduct very little energy and when closed, they will ensure that cold or hot air remains where it belongs: in your home.

Make Use of Reflective Surfaces

Lighting in your home can account for a lot of the energy use but it doesn’t have to with a bit of strategic placement. Kitchen counters and mirrors work as reflective surfaces and as they reflect light, you can get away with having fewer bulbs burning in your home. One of the greatest energy saving tactics involving light is to use low energy under-cabinet bulbs that reflect from the kitchen counter, making the space brighter and ultimately more useful.

Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

For many years incandescent bulbs were the default for housing, but as we move forward we start to discover better, more sustainable options. Replacing incandescent bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) is a great move as they consume less energy, burn brighter, and last longer. The same can be said for LED bulbs which can last for years longer than the incandescent models. LED’s use a more directed light meaning less energy is wasted and while they can be a bit more expensive, they are certainly worth it.

Cut out Electric Lights with Natural Lighting

Lighting in your home is important but that doesn’t mean you need to have it on 24/7. If you want to cut back on your electricity usage, then you might try something as simple as opening your blinds. Many homes today come equipped with larger windows combined with an open floorplan which ensures that natural light can reach every corner of the home. To reduce heat conduction, it would be wise to have your windows tinted so that you can enjoy the light without overheating and causing your air conditioner to kick on.

Close the Doors!

The most important piece of advice that we can give you when it comes to energy conservation is to seal and weatherize doors and windows and always keep them closed, especially if you are running your air conditioning system. This directive applies any time of year though it is far more problematic in a place like Ypsi where the temperature tends to travel very far in either direction. If you need to leave doors or windows open, make sure your air conditioner or heater is not running.

Try Stormers - Interior and Exterior Storm Windows

This is particularly important for historic-style double-hung and single-hung windows; historic window construction did not have all of the same energy sealing products which today's modern construction utilizes. Stormers can usually be put on either the exterior, or the interior of windows. Historic, original windows may require re-glazing and refurbishment over time, and adding a second pane of glass on the interior in the form of a storm window can create an air barrier which will defeat most drafts. If you're renting or maintaining a home in Ypsilanti with drafty windows, consider building (you can Google or YouTube guides on how to build storm windows) or purchase them custom-built from your local finish carpenters. Call us for a recommendation; 734.272.6612

Update your Appliances

Finally, make sure that you are updating all of your appliances. That includes the stove, toaster oven, and even the refrigerator. Consider Energy Star rated appliances since they will do a far better job of conserving energy than older appliances, and as a bonus they also tend to be quieter and also safer.

These are just a few tips that will help you to cu t down on your energy use and you can rest assured that there are many more. While energy is just one facet of financial responsibility, it is a big one. Shut your doors, turn your lights off, and open your blinds!