The appeal of Ypsilanti Michigan should be obvious to anyone considering moving there; the turn of the century construction, the Victorian-style farm houses, and the unique architecture that teases you with notions of a simpler time permeates the area and draws prospective buyers in. Advanced infrastructure such as the recent Lightspeed internet offerings make it a quaint, diverse city that brings modern life into what could otherwise be considered a protective bubble against the outside world. If you are planning to sell your property in Ypsilanti you have a lot going for you in terms of area, but like all MI real estate it’s going to need your help. Ypsilanti MI Real Estate

Increasing curb appeal is a fundamental part of getting your property sold, and it all starts with pumping up that value.

A Word on the Property Value of Ypsilanti 

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According to AAABOR the median sale value in Ypsilanti is $200,600, which indicates that home sale averages have risen nearly 23% since last year. In other words, the odds are in your favor, as are the numbers, but there are a few things you can do to bring that value up. In the next few paragraphs we’ll discuss three things you can do to bring that value higher, and it all starts with curb appeal.

What is Curb Appeal?

In the Ypsilanti real estate market, just as with any other market in Michigan, curb appeal refers to what the prospective buyer is going to think when they see the property from the curb. If you were to step out of your car and stand in front of your house, would it be a property that you would be interested in purchasing? If you can’t answer that honestly then maybe, it’s time to make some changes.


Tip 1: Do Some Landscaping

Your yard is likely the first thing people will see, so what does it look like? There’s nothing wrong with the typical green patch of ground but you can spruce it up a bit by doing a bit of hardscaping, perhaps adding a retaining wall and a flower bed up front, or even adding some lighting. Low energy LED lighting solutions can help to bring your yard to the next level, and you don’t even need a landscaping company to install it. Imagine a set of walkway lights for your front sidewalk or well lighting to add a subtle accent to the front of your home.

If you notice dead spots on your lawn; patches of brown grass, then it might be time to till up the front yard, treat the soil and lay down a few sheets of sod to bring it back up to the standards of the average buyer. It can be quite the investment, but in some cases a little bit of landscaping can bring your property value up by 20% which puts you at an extra $44,000 if you are selling at the Ypsilanti median.

Tip 2: Invest in Your Facade

The front of your house can make all the difference in the world whether you’re throwing up a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the siding, or adding new house numbers. Step outside, to the curb once again and see what kind of impression you get from your own house. Is anything faded? Is the garage door damaged? Do you see any broken items? You know as well as we do that faded vinyl siding won’t hurt the structural integrity of the house, but it does give it an ‘old’ feel and it may lead buyers to assume (incorrectly) that you haven’t been taking care of your home. In that case, you’ve lost them before they even step across the threshold. Make mental notes of what needs to be taken care of whether it’s the front door, the railing on your porch, or a broken light. Make it look brand new and make it a place that you would be proud to live in!

Tip 3: Clean it Up!

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This is the most basic action you can take to raise your property value: clean it up a little, or a lot. Get rid of any clutter in your yard or on your porch. Take a pressure washer to your siding, make sure that it is free of dust and dirt. If necessary, grab a ladder and clean out your gutters; it might seem like a small thing, but it is the slightest details that a potential buyer will remember, and the smallest details that will make or break the sale.


You may know that you have a great home but the way you present it to the public is vital. You want to capture your buyer’s imagination as they step out of their car and make their way down your front walk. You want this to be a place that they want to live, because if they aren’t captivated by the time, they reach your front door, you’ve already lost the sale.