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After some consideration and discussions with all agents, all showings and in-person appointments were canceled until further notice on 3/12/2020 following the Michigan state of emergency declaration on 3/11/2020.

Realtors work as independent contractors to help families to find homes and access the American dream of home ownership, and facilitate home sellers as they transition from the southeast Michigan market area to different parts of the country. We will not be the unwitting transmission vehicles for a known pathogen. We will not allow a safety risk compromise our mission. No market and no sales are worth the health of our loved ones or the health of our clients and their families. We will do our part to help avoid the transmission of this deadly virus.

We may be available remotely for consultations, calls, e-mails, etc, even if you just need an agent who is in-touch with the brokerage community and aware of what's going on locally and with other brokers across the nation.

We will re-evaluate the situation on a weekly basis and get back to business as usual as soon as the situation permits.