When someone asks the question ‘Why would I want to move to Ypsilanti?’, the only proper response is ‘Why wouldn’t you?’. There are so many amazing things for you to see here whether you’re looking at the people, the culture, the events, or even the architecture. If you’re someone who likes the idea of a bustling city with a diverse culture, then you’ve come to the right place. Imagine a city like Portland right here in the southern part of the Mitten – that’s what you get when you move to Ypsilanti. If you’re thinking of investing in Ypsilanti real estate or making your home here, then you couldn’t have made a better decision. Today we take a look at four different reasons you should be considering investing in Ypsilanti MI real estate.


Reason 1: All About the Real Estate Architecture in Ypsilanti Mi

As you are faced with the harrowing decision of choosing between Ypsi and A2, you should know that Ypsi Township is a much more interesting place. While they are both arguably good places to live, Ypsi proper is much less bland, and it features houses of all shapes and styles. We’re talking about Dutch Colonial Revival, Greek Colonial Revival, and other forms of architecture influenced by styles from all over the world. To say that Ypsilanti is unique would be an understatement, and the real estate in Ypsilanti township brings a certain sense of nostalgia and sophistication to MI.


Reason 2: Bustling Culture and Events

Many of the residential parts in Ypsilanti fortunately maintain that sense of quiet and calm that you would expect but if you head downtown, you’re going to find something different. Holidays and other events often populate the streets of downtown Ypsilanti with vendor tents, staged productions, and much more, giving the area a life all its own. The tight-knit community does far more than just put on a show, it does a great job of making you feel like you belong and that is perhaps the most important thing of all when you are moving into a new place.


Reason 3: Amenities Abound

Compared to many of its neighbors, Ypsilanti is a very small city but that doesn’t mean it’s isolated or underdeveloped by any means. Instead you will find that the city has plenty of culture and amenities. From grocery store staples like Kroger, all the way to medical centers and the small-town exclusives. Sidetrack and Aubrees are two great restaurants you can find yourself experiencing and who could forget about The Unicorn Store? What is that exactly? You can only find out by spending some time in the city which you’ll want to do shortly after you buy your home.

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Reason 4: Educational Opportunities

If you have children, or if you want to further your own education then you’ve come to the right place. Ypsilanti is home to primary, middle, and high schools that offer top notch education in your area. For yourself, however, you might want to consider Washtenaw Community College which offers education to those seeking their degree for the first time. The icing on the cake here is the University of Michigan which has several campuses, including one in in Ann Arbor, near Ypsilanti. A recently passed resolution by the state has made attendance at the University of Michigan complimentary for all residents. That’s right, you can attend for free up to four years.


Ypsilanti is an area brimming with culture and one that you will definitely enjoy living in. It all starts with you purchasing your next home within the township and enjoying everything the area has to offer. Whether it’s enjoying a burger at Sidetrack, an early morning mimosa at Aubrees, or browsing the collection of oddities at The Rocket, you’ll find that you’ve purchased more than just a house, but rather a way of life. Call us today for more information and get ready to settle in.