Ann Arbor Information and Highlights

Ann Arbor is a beautiful city, recorded as the sixth largest city in the state of Michigan. It is also home to the University of Michigan, a university that helps establish the economy as one of high-technology. With a rich history, and the charming cityscape that held a plethora of important events, Ann Arbor is only a fascinating place to visit but an area to live that over a hundred thousand denizens are proud to call home.


Ann Arbor was founded in 1824 by the land speculator duo John Allen and Elisha Walker Rumsey. The 25th of May in 1824 saw the town plat registered with Wayne County under the original name of “Annarbour”, after the pair’s wives, who were both named Ann, as well as for the stands of Bur Oak in the 600 plus acres. The local Ojibwa granted the settlement the name of “kaw-goosh-kaw-nick”, after the sound of Allen’s sawmill. Ann Arbor would see a major development with the creation of the University of Michigan in 1837. The town also became a regional transportation hub when the Michigan Central Railroad arrived. During the 1960s and 70s, Ann Arbor also became an important center for liberal politics as well as an area for the civil-rights movement and anti-Vietnam war movement. The first meetings for the national left-wing campus group Students for a Democratic Society took place in Ann Arbor in 1960. The city was also home to the first sit-in teaching event against the Vietnam War. No matter how you look at it, Ann Arbor has been home to some fascinating history and remains home to over a hundred-thousand proud citizens as well as being a hub for interested visitors to visit.


Ann Arbor is, as its nickname states, a “Tree Town”. Filled with lush ash trees and sparkling water from the local Huron, Ann Arbor is about 35 miles west of Detroit and also in close proximity to many other smaller towns which are a visitor’s delight, such as: Ypsilanti, Saline, Canton and Plymouth, amongst others.


Due to its far-North location, Ann Arbor has a Midwestern humid continental climate that is greatly influenced by its proximity to the Great Lakes. With four distinct seasons, winters are typically quite cold with moderate to heavy snowfall. Summers, on the other hand, are warm and humid. Ann Arbor can be subject to lake effect weather, which can cause heavier snowfall and some storms, but the city, as a whole, typically experiences moderate weather.


Ann Arbor has some truly unique and charming shops along its streets. Whether you are a treasure hunter looking to delve into the depths of a thrift shop, a fashionista, someone looking for a good read or anywhere else on the shopper spectrum, Ann Arbor has what you are looking for


There is always a tasty option to be found in Ann Arbor. With its diversity and trendy urban blend, a visitor and resident alike can find some premium food in almost any subject to suit their grumbling stomachs


Ann Arbor is on day and night, and night owls are sure to find something to keep them awake. Whether it is a fantastic bar with some incredible brews or some live music and entertainment, there is always a place to dance or sit back and enjoy the stars, Ann Arbor has you covered

  • Mash – 211 East Washington Street – (734) 332-6046
  • LIVE – 102 South 1st Street – (734) 623-1443
  • Bill’s Beer Garden – 210 South Ashley Street – (734) 369-8001
  • The Last Word – 301 West Huron Street – (734) 585-5691


Though Ann Arbor’s pride if the University of Michigan, and important as it is, residents do not need to worry about a shortage of schools for any age group. Be it in general education, elementary, early learning, and high school or in a specialized subject, Ann Arbor has plenty of options


The city is no slouch when it comes to interesting areas to visit or historical landmarks. Having such a long-standing and proud history is just one of the charming things about Ann Arbor, and that counts for traveler or resident alike


In short, Ann Arbor is a must-see. With a rich history, both in the establishment of the University of Michigan, its tie to the automotive industry and its participation in left-wing peace movements during the 60s and 70s, the town is just oozing with things to do see and do. The area is a beautiful mix of trendy, urban influence cloaked in rich foliage and water – truly the perfect blend of nature meeting technology. No matter where you look, there is something to engage every sense, even if you just want to play in some snow. The shopping is rich and varied, the restaurants always fill the air with tantalizing smells and offer plenty of options, the nightlife is bumping and relaxed at the same time and Ann Arbor is just a great place to be. The citizens know it, and anyone there can feel the sense of pride that they have in the city. If you haven’t visited yet, definitely consider it.

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